My daughter says something interesting.


(I’m groping for what how I can use these childish ridiculous emotions and actions for my work or something for fun.)

Recently, my daughter‘s chat is doesn’t make sense and it’s funny. (Now she is ES 1st grade)

She is an attractive girl, much from when she was born.
I was always worried about her, and of course sometimes child rearing is heard work.

She has surprised us a lot.

First thing of her stories, she turned over in her sleep when she was only 2months baby! I’m glad of her growth.

But, she had febrile convulsion. We were sooo worried about her.
I don’t remember but, how many times she got taken away in an ambulance in the midnight!

When my daughter and I took a bath together, I got out of the bath and dried myself first, next I was going to dry her, but she was going down to the bottom because of her febrile convulsion!!!

Now, I can talk of this story, but at that time I felt shivers down my spine!(Even now, I can’t forget it.)

I tried artificial respiration on her!

Now, she grows up to be a 7 years old, and period of rebelliousness.(But she is still my baby!)

Last night, I came home and she and my conversation was like this.


※She is my sweetheart!


Me:「What’s up?」

D:「It was a good day today.」

M:「Oh..」(「what was good things for you?」 I tried to hear, but she interrupt.)

D:「However tomorrow will be a bad day!」


D:「And, the day after tomorrow is going to be a good day! Haha♬

That’s all of our conversation.


No, 「Haha♬」 lol. It doesn’t make sense!

I wanted to hear from her but I didn’t. And I believe that she will be a BIG-NAME. (I’m such a doting parent.)


When we went to the some event, I saw this signboard, and I said her “Try it, its fun to play!” and look her…


Oh, sorry my daughter….

I made you who looked boredーーー!

I also couldn’t forget her frozen eyes..
Now I recommend it’s important to perceive your childrens’ reaction for happiness of each other.

Finally, I was realized children are full of surprises, but the childish ridiculous things may possibly use something for my work for fun!

Thank you for reading my blog.

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